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Work Safety Card in Hämeenlinna

Register for the Work Safety Training and get your very own Work Safety Card in Hämeenlinna.

Find the most suitable time for you in Hämeenlinna from the list below and click the “Register” button. Green, yellow and red indicate the level of vacancy in a training class. In case you cannot find a suitable training class in Hämeenlinna, you can see all the classes we offer in other cities here. You can also contact us directly and let us know when and where the training would be required.


You can also train yourself for the course at Trainify.fi. The use of this service is included in the price of the Work Safety Training. Sign up for the training by clicking the “Register“ button.


Sign up now and get your Work Safety Card today!

Trainings - Hämeenlinna


Did not find a suitable training? Find a training here or contact us

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